Sol y Vida was founded in 2004 by a group of European expats living in Ecuador. To date the foundation has helped more than 500 children with tumorous cancer and their families. Sol y Vida provides support to children with tumors by funding their chemo and radiotherapy sessions as well as expenses related to medical exams.  The children come from low-income families who don’t have access to any type of health insurance and consequently often don’t have access to expensive medication. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of children with cancer can be totally cured, if and when they have access to modern medicine.

Patients, who are supported by Sol y Vida come from all parts of Ecuador in search of specialised medical assistance in one of the hospitals in Quito. In most  cases, patients receive outpatient treatment. Sol y Vida has formal agreements with different clinics and health institutions to facilitate access to proper medication, different imaging services and radiotherapies.

Most of our children are under ten years of age. Many of them arrive in the city of Quito when their cancer has already reached an advanced stage which makes treatment even harder.  The journey to Quito can be long and tedious when travelling by public transport with a sick child . Their families have to make a tremendous effort to transport them. In some extreme cases they travel for hours by canoe and/or horseback to the closest road with a bus connection to Quito.

Sol y Vida has a small office close to the Baca Ortiz Children’s Hospital in Quito.

Our main goals are:

  • To save lives
  • To get necessary medical help fast
  • To offer nutritional advice to children’s families
  • To  help with palliative medicine when necessary, or grant children a special wish and help their families in terminal cases
  • To raise awareness in the country about child cancer