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October 2018

Talina Perez is interviewed in Radio LaBruja, Quito about Sol y Vida (Spanish)

International Childhood Cancer Day 2018

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Valeria was diagnosed with stage II overian cancer in 2015 for which she  was treated with chemo- and radiotherapy until February 2016. Now, one year after the completion of her treatment she talks vividly about her recuperation and a happy life with her parents, eventhough she suffers from a slight learning disability.  She follows a rigid check-up routine every three months. A short while ago her home was attacked by thieves who robbed most of the familiy’s belongings. This incident impeded Valeria from celebrating her 15th birthday. Despite these setbacks, Valeria and her mother demonstrate happiness that Valeria is healthy and alive. She continues to receive medicines from Sol y Vida.





Carolina is three years old. Two years ago she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and hydrocephaly. She had her left eye removed and a valve implanted. The surgery took place at the children’s hospital in Quito.  With help from “Damas Alemanas” she received an eye prosthesis. Digestion problems did not allow her to eat proper food and Sol y Vida helped her with nutritional supplements throughout her convalescence time. She completed all her chemotherapy cycles but the surgery left her legs immobile and severely damaged her intellectual capacities. Her mother Jessica, 27, undertook every possible effort  that Carolina received her chemo- and rehabilitation therapies, despite serious economic limitations of the family. Her father Angel, 26, completed primary school level education only and works as a watchman while Jessica stays at home to look after their three children. She too only has primary school education and just recently returned to the class room for evening classes in middle school education with the hope of improving her life prospects.  The father of the children does not support her ambition, but she is full of determination, energy and hope for the future. Sol y Vida is encouraging and supporting her.

Enrique,  9 Years old

Suffering from a sarcoma and is undergoing chemiotherapy with the help of Sol y Vida.


Merelyn, 2 Years old

Suffering from a sarcoma on her leg and is undergoing chemotherapy with support of Sol y Vida.


Tayra, 4 Years old

Suffering from Hodgkin linphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy with support of Sol y Vida.



Updated February 2016:

Jose has finished chemotherapy and has to travel to Quito for checkups every 3 months.


Our little patient Jose, three years old and the fourth child in his family of five children, loves to play with toy trucks and cars. With his parents separated his family lives in poverty in Latacunga, in the province of Cotopaxi.

In February 2015 he was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma in his abdomen. After surgery which removed the tumour,  Jose entered chemotherapy with treatment every seven days, and later every two weeks. So far Jose’s treatment is showing signs of success. Sol y Vida helps the family with chemotherapy medicines, transportation to Quito, nutritional supplements, monthly food donations for the whole family. His mother receives motivational counselling to keep up Jose’s treatment. We give them clothes for all the family. If Jose is able to keep up his regular chemotherapy treatments with the help of his mother, he has a high chance of survival.



Ten-year old Yamile suffers from the Hodgkin Lymphoma. After surgery and a chemotherapy over six months she managed to finish her treatment very successfully. She now is expected for a check-up in Quito every three months. Our foundation Sol y Vida supplied Yamile with medication for the chemotherapy as well as with dietary supplements. The girl is doing fine.



Twelve-year old Tania has been in treatment for a brain tumour. In 2015 a regrowth of the tumour has been diagnosed. Unfortunately the prognosis is so good for the girl. The foundation is helping with medicines for chemotherapy and we are all  hoping for improvement.


Christmas 2015

We celebrated christmas with our cancer childre together with the help of students fromUniversidad San Francisco and the foundation “Por una Vida”.


Milena, 7 years of age,  is a patient of Sol y Vida since 2008. In that year she was diagnosed with an eye tumour in both eyes, for which reason  both of her eyes were removed. For various economic and family reasons her mother did not follow procedure and omitted to have protheses made for her eyes. Her eye sockets grew closed and now have to be surgically opened so that she can wear protheses. This operation is being undertaken in a private hospital in Quito, with the help of Metrofraternidad, Sol y Vida and free of charge surgeons.


Sarahi is undergoing chemotherapy for a retinoblastoma (eye tumor).



Madelein  (11) had a retinoblastoma  when she was a baby, 8 years ago and was cured with the help of Sol y Vida  in 2008. After chemotherapy we helped her with her regular check-ups and when her friends at school gave her a hard time because of the missing eye we helped her find an more tolerant school.  Her mother often visits us in the office and tells us how Madelein is getting on. Unfortunately Madelein has been suffering a downturn recently and there exists the suspicion of another malignant tumor. We are still awaiting final results but hope that Madelein will be able to fight this one successfully as she did the eye tumor.


Since August 2015 Karina (18) is giving us a helping hand in the office. As a child Karina used to be a patient of Sol y Vida after she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. She is cured now but had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries due to  the malformation of her face resulting from the removal of her eye and consequent negligence. She still has another operation coming up soon which we are going to finance with the help of another foundation. In the meantime she is happy to learn some Excel and Word on the computer and running a few errands for Sol y Vida instead of hiding away at home. We hope that after the next few operations she may be allowed  to start a life like every other young lady and look people straight into their face.


Laura was very sick and sent to SOLCA hospital where she was stabilized about a year ago. Today she is a happy healthy girl with chemotherapy behind her. Her parents often visit us to demonstrate their gratefulness.



We organised a birthday party for a 15 year old girl with terminal prognosis. Her biggest wish was to be able to celebrate her 15th birthday with her family and friends. Sol y Vida offered place and food to the family who would otherwise not have been able to afford a party.


We are giving families  nutritional  and hygiene counselling, especially for their children in chemotherapy.

We are also helping in an awareness campaign project to encourage families not to abandon treatment and exams prematurely when they get discouraged.


Three year old Anthony was diagnosed with an eye tumour in his left eye. In May his eye had to be removed to avoid spreading of the tumour. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Anthony’s parents are separated and he lives in Cayambe in the North of Ecuador.  Sol y Vida is helping his family with transportation to Quito for his treatments, organising his eye prothesis (donated by the Sociedad Damas Alemanas), regular food supplements, motivational counselling for his mother to encourage her not to abandon Anthony’s treatment as well as clothing and toys for all family members. The treatment is showing positive results and Anthony will soon be able to return to Cayambe as a healthy little boy.